Mary Elizabeth & Jeffrey | The Terrace at 101 Constitution Wedding

February 24, 2023

Mary Elizabeth & Jeffrey got married at The Terrace at 101 on a crisp October day. 🙂 From their engagement session, to their wedding day, we had an absolute blast getting to know them! They chose not to have a bridal party and instead had their favorite people get ready with them and I can’t wait for more people to do this. It made for such a relaxed day!

My favorite photos from their day are: 1. The many hilarious expressions from Mary Elizabeth throughout the day. 2. Her favorite people there during getting ready were the BEST hype women. Love to see it! 3. Their adorable rooftop first look. 4. The champagne and hot apple cider welcoming guests to the ceremony. 5. And finally, if I wasn’t already fully obsessed with them, they had a CHEESE course as a part of their 5 course meal. lol

I hope you enjoy the story of Mary Elizabeth and Jeffreys wedding day!