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Our story is a long one, and one that will forever be special to us. It involves meeting each other in a restaurant, a motorcycle accident,  3 years in the friend-zone, 6 months of long-distance dating, and a one wonderful wedding on a South Carolina estate. We'll gladly tell you all about it when we meet. But our story is, and always will be shaping us into who we are. It has certainly had its ups and downs, but the fact that we get to wake up beside each other every morning, is proof that God has blessed us more than we deserve. 

Ali & Paul


- Definite #1: Marriage. It's wonderful and it's a huge example of God's love for us.
- A glass of wine and a board game. (Monopoly, if we're in the mood for marriage problems.) 
- A good show. (Currently: The Office, Blacklist & This Is Us) 
- Travel. (Sometimes we book a room at the Marriott 3 blocks from our house.) 
- Food. Any food. Sometimes we pretend we are under-cover restaurant critics. 
- All the plants and flowers.
- A well crafted cheese board.
- New experiences.  
- Spending time together. It (almost) never gets old.
- Weddings, as a guest or with our cameras. 
- The Office. Finish it, then start over. 

THings We Love

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"Marriage: Love is the reason. Lifelong friendship is the gift. Kindness is the cause. And til death do us part is the length."

This is Us:

Ali is what happens when your best friend becomes your wife. She is vibrant, expressive, and talented as the day is long. On any given morning you will find her making her rounds to water her 3,456 'plant babies', and encouraging them on how big and strong they are. Her ideal evening usually involves a hot tea, large bowl of truffle popcorn, and kicking my butt at some board game. She's the hardest working woman I've ever met and she knows how to get stuff done. (Editing till 3 AM anyone?) Simply put, she loves love. Her passion for learning and telling love stories is what drives our business. And the way her eyes fill with tears when she first sees some incredible destination makes her the best travel partner I could ask for. Lastly, some advice: don't sneak up on her unless you're ready to call it a life. 

Paul is extremely outgoing, a dreamer, and loves to learn new things. He definitely follows more Frenchie puppies on Instagram than anything else and hopes that someday he can have one of his own. He makes one killer prime rib, and can put together the most incredible trip to anywhere in the world. His passion for pursuing what you love is what got our business started, and from lugging gear around on a wedding day, to doing the taxes, he continues to drive us forward. On any given weekend (that we don't have a wedding), you will most likely find him at the local golf course and he claims his swing will one day pay the bills. I love him more than I ever thought possible and I'm so proud to call him mine. 

Our Travel

Without a doubt, one of the top priorities to both of us is expanding our horizons and seeing the world. Does it sound cliche for a photographer to love travel? Yes. But it doesn't matter. We barely have our suitcases unpacked before we dive into planning our next excursion. Whether it's a short weekend in a nearby city, or trekking to the opposite side of the globe, it truly is one of the things we enjoy most in life. Click below to see some of our latest adventures. 

Ali (In Paul's Words)

Paul (In Ali's Words)

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