Chase & Alexa | The Cypress House | Backyard Garden Wedding

February 4, 2023

This day was beyondddd. Chase & Alexa got married at Alexa’s childhood home (turned wedding venue) and it was so beautiful to see her family chip in and make it personal and memorable. When we arrived, her dad was mowing the grass, her sister Chelsea was working on the flowers, and her other sister Cait was doing her makeup. (Yea, it’s a talented family.) It’s always so HARD to sum up the day in full, so I like to share my favorite memories from the day and you can look through them with the backstory in mind.  Also, peep Alexa’s stunning BHLDN dress. It fit perfectly with her garden inspired wedding details.

1. They read their letters to each other at the first look instead of by themselves and it was SO beautiful. I highly recommend doing this.

2. Alexa’s sister, Chelsea, married them and now I wish I could go back and do the same!

3. An insane storm passed through right as the reception was starting and it was SO windy and rainy, but it created one of my favorite moments of the day. Cait stood up to give her speech and a HUGE gust of wind came through the tent and rain blew all over the entire bridal party. lol The continuous set of photos is hilarious.

4. We always try to be very aware of our surroundings and catch the small moments that happen and they always end up being their favorite photos. At this wedding we managed to catch Alexa’s grandma showing a photo of ducks to her husband and it’s so perfectly random.

5. Because of the storm, the candles had all gone out and the guests decided to pass a candle around and re-light them all! I just love itttt.

6. Alexa definitely smashed the cake so Chase grabbed a piece and threw it. See if you can spot where it landed. lol

I could share so many more, but I’ll let you guys scroll through and create your own stories as well.  Chase & Alexa, we freaking love you two. Thanks for trusting us to photograph so many important memories!