Tuscan Inspired Terrain Wedding / Tim & Phoebe

August 24, 2016

I can’t even explain how many emails we shared back and forth with Katie, ending every sentence with 10 explanation points! She poured her heart and soul into making everything perfect for Tim & Phoebe and it shows! We were so excited to work with them at one of the most perfect-in-every-way venues in Glen Mills, PA. Terrain speaks to my soul every visit and we absolutely loved being able to photograph every inch of it! 🙂 It’s so fun hearing about the day from the brides perspective, so here are a couple paragraphs from Phoebe!

“We met back in September 2007, just a few days before Tim’s birthday. Tim was a freshman, and I was a sophomore (cougar, I know), and his fraternity and my sorority were paired together for Homecoming. Homecoming is a big deal at the University of Missouri, so all hands are required to pitch in. We met in the basement of Tim’s fraternity, huddled around a large piece of plywood trying to create a mosaic out of rolled tissue paper. Nearly 8 years, multiple states, multiple jobs, and graduate school later, Tim surprised me with his proposal. He told me we were going on a walking photo tour, where a guide takes you around the city, tells you about sites, and takes pictures to commemorate your tour. We had just done a walking food tour the previous month, so it didn’t raise any red flags. The “tour guide” however, was actually a real photographer. And I did notice that she was doing a terrible job telling us about the history or facts of the places around the city. Toward the end of the tour, we were posing for a picture, and I saw Tim crouch down to my left. I turned, thinking we were doing a new pose, but it was actually Tim on his knee with his great grandmother’s 1930’s art deco ring.
 I always wanted something that was lush with greenery and botanicals. Tim’s grandfather came from Sicily, so we wanted to capture some of that feel, with the ash-green leaves and oranges. I love the juxtaposition of masculine hues with touches of light, feminine colors, so the palette of dark emerald, navy, apricot, and cream worked perfectly. I showed Katie, our wedding planner, some ideas of things I liked, but then she took those ideas and ran with them — and produced something amazing! We gave her style guidelines, but in the end, we trusted her eye and her expertise and gave free reign to her to create and pull together all the details.”
“Also crazy is the story of my wedding cake: Several years ago, I was a food editor for Cooking Light magazine. I’m very picky about my desserts, so my dear, dear ex-coworker Deb (who is an amazing pastry chef) handmade the personal coconut cake and shipped it to us overnight from Birmingham, AL!”
This is Turtle, with a capitol T.
Photographers- Ali & Paul Co.
Venue & Floral Design- Terrain At Styers
Event Planning- Katie Rebecca Events
Wedding Dress- Rosa Clara
Wedding Shoes- Badgley Mischka
Makeup- YMK Designs
Bridesmaids Dresses- Joanna August
Calligraphy- Cami Monet
  1. Loooove this wedding! Probably one of my favorite locations I've seen for a wedding!