Joe & Polly Wedding Day // Dayton, Virginia

June 17, 2015

 The weekend of Joe & Polly’s wedding started the way most of them do. Spirits were running high on Friday afternoon as we packed our bags, gathered our gear, and loaded the car for a great weekend away. We were looking forward to reconnecting with old friends, and simply doing what we loved.  It was in our mindless bliss that we made a decision that still haunts us in our sleep…we stopped by Chipotle for some food for the road.
 Eating Chipotle prior to a road trip is a bad decision for a number of different reasons, but the penalty was especially bad this time. It was at this point in time that we discovered that Ali is allergic to avocado. What ensued was 7 HOURS of an awful allergic reaction that resulted in severe stomach cramps and headaches that were unphased by pain killers. We kept thinking it would eventually pass, but when it was still going strong at 1 AM Saturday morning, we were starting to get worried. But thank God it finally let up, and we were able to get some sleep before the sun came up on their gorgeous wedding day.  Life lessons learned. 
Joe & Polly: The personality and personal touch that you and your families poured into the wedding day was simply wonderful. I mean, seriously what kind of bride makes all the cupcakes for the dessert table herself?  And can we talk about those vows? Ali is normally the crier when it comes to the ceremony, but as I listened to your heartfelt commitment to one another, I must admit things were starting to look a little blurry for me as well. I had to burry my face in the back of my camera and power through it. Thanks again for having us there to be a part of it, it was truly an honor.
We finished up the weekend in West Virginia, resting in some clean mountain air, and relaxing with friends. So despite its rocky start, the weekend was perfect. Congrats again Mr. & Mrs. Parker! Marriage is the greatest adventure! 

 I love this image! I always have to sneak a look at the grooms reaction as well. 😉 

They shared one last dance outside before they had to leave. 

Joe accidentally got in before helping his bride into the car. Her reaction was so great! (Joe is normally a serious gentleman, I guess he was just ready to go!)  

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